Get to know us

Instead of the typical bio of each of our Agents, we collectively decided to answer one personal and one real estate question – giving you a glimpse of each of our dynamic personalities so you can choose an Agent that’s right for you.  

While we all differ in one way or another, we share the same professionalism and passion for real estate and helping others – all while having a blast working together!  

Chris Sherman


Personal Question: If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? If I could go on a vacation anywhere in the world it would be to Mauna Kea or Tromso 

Real Estate Question: What is something that you want your past, present, and future clients to know about you as a realtor? I want all of my past, present, and future clients to know that without you taking a chance and working with me I would have never been able to be the person that I have grown to be. It’s been many days where I reflect and recall having to catch the bus to real estate school and not knowing if I would ever be able to sell a house, but I knew I would give it everything that I had because there was no other option. This company is a product of hard work and wanting a better life for my family, as well as your family, and you are the reason Agents Inc. exist, I appreciate each and every one of you. Throughout the years is has been a lot of sacrifice, stress, middle of the night phone calls, text, emails, and sleepless nights worrying how I could make it work for you, but those things are far outweighed by the gratification of getting the job done for you. I wouldn’t trade this career for any other, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I appreciate the things that I’ve learned on this journey, I have and will always do the very best for every single client no matter how big or small the transaction is I am truly honored by you choosing me to represent you as your realtor.  

Tori Naquin


Personal Question: If you won the lottery for $500M what would you do? I’d have a good rental property in every state capital,  build my dream home, and secretly pay back some people that have had a big impact on my life. Then I’d use the rest to go to school for almost everything, become an ambassador, and travel helping the world. 

Real Estate Question: What is something that you want your past, present, and future clients to know about you as a realtor? Something i want my clients to know about me is that i always strive to go above and beyond to find the right solutions for their unique situations. From buyers with no SSN to people who work odd hours and need early, late night, or virtual showings. From sellers out of state, out of country, or sellers in a bind that need the fastest sale, i can always figure out a way to make it happen. 

Tiffany C. Dickerson


Personal Question: What are your top 3 TV shows of all time?
1) I Love Lucy  2) Game of Thrones  3) Sex And The City

Real Estate Question: What is something that you want your past, present, and future clients to know about you as a realtor? I value my time and put it all into my family, my friends and my work. Real Estate has been such an adventure and every client has turned into family or a friend for me. I love being able to be of service to my people. Helping – even a little bit – on their real estate journey is such a fulfillment of joy for me. The hard work, the long hours, the endless phone calls and texts and emails are ALL WORTH IT when I can hand them those keys with pride.  

Janei Dykes


Personal Question: What is your favorite holiday? I look forward to any occasion that I can share with my family, but the holiday I hold nearest to my heart is Christmas. I love spending time with my family, but unfortunately a majority of them no longer resides in New Orleans. For Christmas, however, we always make a way to select a city that can accommodate everyone and allow us to come together again. It’s tradition for us all to wear matching pajamas Christmas Eve, have an ugly Christmas sweater party, cook our favorites meals, like gumbo, and ultimately just enjoy the time we get to spend with one another. 

Real Estate Question: What is something that you want your past, present, and future clients to know about you as a realtor? I want my clients to know that as their realtor it is my goal for my past, present, and future clients to feel 100% comfortable and involved in the  process that we will go through to get their dream home. As the liaison between them and that destination, my clients all know I am honest, determined, and genuinely invested in keeping their satisfaction my top priority. I love what I do, I’m great at networking and building valuable connections that help to accomplish what we set out to do. I continue to educate myself daily on all things real estate with the lending process, keeping up to date with the ever changing laws, as well as carefully watching all trends happening in the market . Essentially, I am striving everyday to be the relatable Realtor that my clients love and trust.

Brendon Caliva


Personal Question: Which superhero do you identify most with? I identify most with batman. Specifically, batman in the movie “Batman Begins” from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. I have always been inspired by the way that movie portrays Bruce Wayne willingly going into the unknown in pursuit of something greater. He wasn’t shown as indestructible with special powers like most superheroes, he was a person who faced adversity and kept moving forward despite all the challenges that were in his path.

Real Estate Question: What style/era of homes is your favorite? Contemporary homes are my favorite era, I appreciate how contemporary style homes now maximize the space of the living area to create a feeling of openness and most balance the outside style to flow with the interiors.

Jade Krumm


Personal Question: What is your favorite quote? “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Real Estate Question: What is something that you want your past, present, and future clients to know about you as a realtor? 
I would like my past, present and future clients to know that I believe the impossible is possible, and I’ve spent my entire life breaking through the ceilings of what the statistics said I should be. 
As a high school graduate at 16, not because I was gifted but because of my work ethic, I learned early on that motivation and determination are  powerful forces to be reckoned with. 
As the daughter of a single mom that dreamed of homeownership, the value and significance of home buying and selling was instilled in me from a young age, and I will be the fiercest advocate for your wants and needs as if they were my own. I will work early mornings and late nights, always putting in the extra effort and giving everything I have. 
I will fight for you, laugh with you, and probably cry happy tears with you as we close on your dream property. Supporting you in your real estate journey is truly my dream job, and my goal is to make sure you coast as easily and happily as possible, while also gaining a friend in the process.