Services Offered

First Time Home Buyer Certification

We at Agents, Inc are so excited to provide our first time homebuyer clientele with the opportunity to achieve their goals of homeownership! Our certification program will allow our clients to easily navigate the entire process with us by your side every step of the way! Whether you need to improve your credit score or you are ready to take the leap, we will provide access to the city’s most trusted and reliable lenders, title companies, and credit repair companies to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible! We are constantly learning of new and improved state and local grant programs that ensures you get as much financial assistance as possible. Our promise is to be there from the start, guiding you throughout the entire experience to get those keys in your hands.  

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Agents Inc. Luxury Brand Listings

Luxury Villa Resort Interior

Agents, Inc has been working to redefine the term “luxury”. For our team, luxury listings are not based on a specific price point or location. Instead, it is based on the quality, design and functionality of a home. To meet our requirements, a home must check off a specific checklist to be considered luxury. Contact one of our Agents now to find out if your home meets these qualifications! 

Historic Homes

Hanging plants in front of house in New Orleans, Louisiana

We have a vast amount of knowledge (and appreciation!) of the authentic architectural detail, craftsmanship, and importance of all styles of historic homes in our beautiful city. We all know New Orleans boasts some of the most unique properties in the entire country so let our team guide you on the ins and outs of owning these one-of-a-kind homes. 


Front of house in New Orleans, Louisiana

Leases are a very important aspect of real estate that we love to assist with. They are the stepping stone to homeownership and other opportunities in real estate. Be it long term commercial or a residential investment, we have built rapport with tons of buildings and even other agents around the city who help us find our clients exactly what they are looking for. 

Property Management

View to the garden from the back door of a refurbished house

Our Property Management Specialists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this sector of real estate. We will assist with finding the right tenants while giving landlords a true source of passive income, while maintaining the integrity of each home we come across.  


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If you are a first-time real estate investor or have already completed and sold several homes, Agents, Inc is the brokerage that will work with you to maximize your return and showcase your work as a branded luxury listing. Agents, Inc also assists investors looking to hold on to properties to build long term stability with these income-producing properties and we can guarantee a monthly positive cash flow, all while expanding your portfolio.  

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Spanish Primary Language

We have multiple Agents fluent in Spanish willing to assist any and all individual and/or families who’s first language is not English.